As we get older, our immune systems tend to weaken, putting us at a higher risk for certain diseases. It is recommended that senior adults get Shingles, Influenza, and Pneumonia Vaccines. An estimated 1 million Americans get shingles every year, and about half of them are 60 years old or older. Additionally, over sixty percent of seasonal flu-related hospitalizations occur in people 65 years and older. Talk with a Cook’s pharmacist to find out which vaccines are recommended for you.

Cook’s Pharmacy is proud to offer the following vaccinations!

• Influenza (Flu)

• Zostavax (Shingles Vaccines)

• Adacel (Tdap) Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis)

• Pneumococcal (Pneumovax 23)

• Pneumococcal (Prevnar 13)

Each of our pharmacists is certified by the State of Pennsylvania Board of Pharmacy to administer immunizations.

We can administer most vaccines while you wait, no appointment needed

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