About Us

The people at Cooks Pharmacy in Kingston have made it their priority to provide the highest quality service around. Offering complete prescription service and a full line of over the counter health and beauty aids. Free Delivery, prescription compounding, and Immunization are just some of the services we offer.

Services We Provide

  • Prescriptions filled by an experienced staff of pharmacists and technicians

    Delivery to Kingston and surrounding areas is available

    Medicare approved supplier for diabetic strips and nebulizer medications

    We accept all insurance plans and all Medicare Part D drug plans

    Flu, pneumonia and shingles immunizations

    Weekly “Pill Box” service (we organize and package your meds for simplified dispensing)

    “unit-dosed” packaging for group homes or assisted living patients

    Full line of over the counter items including half-priced greeting cards and PA lotter

Prescription Plans

We accept most major prescription drug plans, as well as all Medicare D prescription plans. We also bill Medicare for diabetic supplies and respiratory nebulizer medications.

Phone: 570-288-3633